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8590202Mathew has helped me realize my potential.  His principles make me confident that I am able to achieve anything I want in life . Anyone looking for more, needs to have a chat with Matt!

Dimitri – Grey Cup Champion, Retired CFL Champion, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach of  Calgary Stampeder’s & Dino’s

14ee29cThe second I met Mathew at my first seminar I knew my life was about to change. His peak mindset seminars and coaching made a remarkable difference in my life, personally and professionally. He is truly committed to helping you make your life better and he helps you focus on the real actions to take to achieve success. He is an inspiration, a coach, a guide, a role model. If you want to change your life, your state and your results, he is the one you need!

Joannie – Investor’s Group

KJP_8682Working with Mathew and Peak Mindset has me opening my mind and heart to places I didn’t realize they could go.  His enthusiasm and motivation is infectious and he is able to make you believe in yourself and that is simply the best feeling you can have.  He is an expert in his field and is so very knowledgable.  I strongly recommend working with Mathew if you have any goals whether it be business or personal.  The mind is what holds us back, but through Mathew and Peak Mindset you will have so many breakthrough’s, that nothing will stop you from accomplishing greatness.

Rachel – Owner Body Unique Fitness, Elite Trainer, Weight Loss & Competition Prep Specialist, WNBF Pro Figure, Fit mom of 2



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