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Let me introduce to you our guest on the show today, world renown coach and expert in the physique transformation game Scott Abel, one of the most prolific bodybuilders of our time.  He has developed several methodologies of training and diet strategies including Metabolic Enhancement Training (MET), Innervation Training and his famous Cycle Diet.  Although now he coaches folks from all walks of life, Scott has coached Olympia winners, figure pros, magazine models, and taken clients from beginner level to National titles and beyond.


Scott was a feature writer for various top magazines, once had his own column in one of the most popular magazines and was also a ghostwriter for several magazines and supplement companies.  Because of his development level of his own physique and expertise, he was a paid celebrity athlete endorser of a few top level supplement companies and feature writer and “expert” for them along with being named to the executive board to more than a few supplement companies during these years as well.

He has been largely successful at all levels of competition from professional to novice, his name in the bodybuilding, fitness & diet industries caught on like wildfire, as he was in huge demand for lectures & appearances everywhere.  He has now written several books and is now a best-selling author on Amazon, has produced numerous video and audio projects and amassed a library’s worth of articles, blogs and other written material to help clients and consumers alike. All this helped him develop several unique training, diet, and philosophical methodologies that continue to serve people to this day.

He is far more than fitness a coach his approach is more of a combination of life-coaching, with fitness and health all being important & valuable components.  You can get two of Scott’s books completely free at, including his very popular book ‘Mindset of Achievement’. 

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Words of Wisdom

  • Ask Yourself: What is bodybuilding doing ‘for’ my life and what is bodybuilding doing ‘too’ my life?
  • Mastery is when we control the thing we are doing, Obsession is when the thing we are doing is controlling you
  • Caring about everything I do with ‘class’, instead of ‘crass’scott-bio-picture-263x300 (1)
  • Free mind of clutter, investing quality in all elements of life
  • What you won’t catch Scott doing is embarking on ‘junk food for the soul’, FB surfing, Twitter wars, Reality TV, he doesn’t feed mind junk food.  Free of the clutter and doing things with ‘Class’
  • One of Biggest Challenges; Back surgery in year 2000 (horizontal for year), stopped taking things for granted
  • Leaving ego and trusting instincts – Buddhist lifestyle
  • Before enlightenment – ‘I chopped wood and carried water, but after enlightenment I still chopped wood and carried water,’ living from peace of mind
  • Bodybuilding Lesson from Coach – Not about winning contests or being better than next guy, its about connecting from oneself
  • Aristotle – Master of self is the highest form of wisdom
  • Created ‘Triangle of Awareness’ – Mental, Emotional & Physical Realm for Balance, coaching directly from the client and their needs of where they are and what they need most
  • To keep present –  value of solitude, he needs his alone time daily:  Mother Teresa stated: God is the friend of silence


Routines & Rituals


  • Lives very structured
  • Always is recharging throughout day
  • Will do focused work then take breaks of recharging multiple times a day
  • Living Zen Lifestyle – Making sure your contributing in your day and making sure your enjoying your day
  • Wake Time 4 am (7 days wk), starts with prayer of gratitude, answer client emails and check-in’s then proceeds to projects working on, later in day, takes break (recharges), client emails, then recharges again, bedtime (8  – 8:30 pm)
  • Addition by subtractions – you can’t work from the time you wake up till you go to bed and think its healthy.  Recharge spiritual energy, emotional energy, mental energy, thats the only way you can be your best.  People think we can just spend, spend, spend energy and not recharge
  • Limiting Distractions is easy for him, because he doesn’t invite them into his schedule, he is laser like focused, completely invested in what he is doing
  • Multi-Tasking is a myth
  • Reading – at least 1 hour per day (mental fitness for brain)
  • Training – 6 days a week (Full Body)
  • Consider’s himself as an athlete doing bodybuilding


Peak 5

  1. Do you have mentor, coach or influential person in your life?  First mentor Bill Pearl and his academic advisor, now Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Paine, Buddha.  When the student is ready, the master will appear, you have to be ready for it.  We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.  Anything in your life can be a transformation, even the mistakes were doing.Scott-on-mic
  2. What is your favourite book?  What ever book he is reading currently, thats where his focus and invest of time is.
  3. What is your favourite quote?  Real winners forget they are in a race, they just love to run.  If passion drives you, then let reason steer the wheel.  Everything you do is infused with the attitude in how you do it (Attitude is Everything).  A quote should move you, more than move others.
  4. If you could tell your 20 year old self one thing what would it be?   ‘Get over yourself’ and the colossal ego at the time, be more worldly.
  5. If there were no limits what would you contribute to in the world?   Enough, its not about glory, not about impressing others.   Leaving a legacy that can teach and empower others, even through the mistakes we make.


All of Coach Scott’s Book’s can be found and purchased by CLICKING HERE


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True personal growth is the growth we endure from within ourselves  – Mathew Park 

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