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Get ready to gear up for the Lifestyle Architect, Craig Capurso, coach, speaker, consultant, Author, IFBB Pro, Co Founder & VP of Business Development at Metron Innovation Group, Investor, Team Athlete and husband to his wife Wendy & his daughter Flaviana Jolee.


Craig reached a turning point in his career in 2012 as he had been splitting his time between a demanding finance career on Wall Street and an equally demanding fitness routine at the gym and realized that he had more passion for training after a year of winning several bodybuilding competitions, and left the finance world for good to start his own bodybuilding and fitness content creation and instruction business, Fire and Ice Fitness which is now LIV LFE.  

He discovered at a very early age that he was his own best motivator. While other kids had to be pushed to succeed by parents or coaches, Craig was already self-motivated, fearless, and thirsty to be the best. This has followed him his whole life.  Since childhood, Craig has continued to dominate.  After many championship wins in college with football, he knew he needed a way to keep pushing himself to be a better, stronger athlete as a professional.  

Now Craig is one of the most respected names in the business. He spends his time teaching his expertise to clients through his videos, blogs and ebooks, and developing content based around his own personal training philosophies to help others reach higher success.  Craig’s inspiration is his mother. When he was still working on Wall Street, his mom was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. He wanted to help not just her, but also the millions of people that suffer from this horrible disease.  Craig competed in two sanctioned amateur Wall St boxing matches to raise an estimated 10K in contributions for various charities and three Wall St Decathlon Events where he raised over 10k in charitable contributions to benefit cancer research.

Lets gear up for an episode that will take you for an empowering ride through Craig’s life and how he’s living his dream and now rocking life!

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Words of Wisdom

  • image2Left Wall Street in 2013, with 100% business focus into fitness career, used passion to make money
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad was game changer – making money while you sleep, business that runs itself, instead of trading time for money
  • How can he monetize his time, started Fire and Ice Fitness, changed to Liv Lfe its about living life full circle.  Focused on mainstream market, serve greater good for people in being better, flexible dieting, recruiting team for liv life
  • Can only re-invent the wheel so many times, key is put out great content
  • Business Model, consultations to help them mentally and physically, he wants to be a speaker, he doesn’t want to do one on one coaching
  • People thinking of having a coach, you have a life coach to help you reach the next level, taking the road less travelled, all the top athletes and entrepreneurs having top coaches
  • Biggest Challenge – he was a good juggler, was good at doing multiple things, and thought it was a perceived good thing, but he asked himself ‘am I doing really well?’  With being able to say no to things that didn’t serve his time, is a student of life, he loves to learn and teach. Bing very efficient with time, he has a 5 1/2 month daughter and wife to take care of.
  • Focuses on the things that are most importantimage1
  • He listen’s to books first then would read them, extracting key value out of books are big life lessons
  • Metron is ultimately something he really enjoy’s, but Liv Lfe is where his heart and passion is.
  • Metron is very unique individualized training system, personalized and floating of your variables, making you workout at the intensity you should be, its a crowd sourced plate form with high level coaches that keep improving the programs to keep it very personalized for the BEST program
  • He is not a fan of the ego’s out there, he has a partnership mindset in all he does, thinks Win/Win
  • Future Goal – Scale Liv Lfe to build into household name


Routines and Rituals

  • Craig Fitness - ReflectionWorks with Philippine team so heads to bed around 2 am and will wake up around 8-9 am, wakeup, have a meal, his physique determines what he will eat for that day as he weighs himself daily, he is his own coach, split’s his time between Metron and Liv Lfe right now, he hits gym around 7/8 pm at night.
  • Top habits – to do lists, grading your day at end of day, did I get everything done at the end of the day or could I have done better?  If your heading to gym what is your specific goal for it, your outcome, don’t be a floater, have a specific outcome
  • Goal Setting – over achiever in all he does, he tends to take on a few too many tasks, we can only do really good work when we can focus, multi tasking
  • If you have multiple businesses there will typically be one that is getting more attention
  • Took a back seat this past year to focus on less is more, cutting things out of life that were taking up time
  • Became reseller of brands (clothing) and found out that wasn’t what he or his wife shouldn’t have tackled, he now focuses on non tangible items that can be sold without inventory to hold on to to generate revenues
  • Married 2014 – Been together for 8 1/2 years with his amazing wife Wendy!


Peak 5

  1. 2016-01-20 (2)Do you have mentor, coach or influential person in your life?  Ryan Deluca,
  2. What is your favourite book?  Dale Carnegie how to win friends and influence people and The One Thing with Gary Keller
  3. What is your favourite quote? Every ceiling, when reached, becomes a floor, upon which one walks as a matter of course and perspective right – Aldous Huxley
  4. If you could tell your 20 year old self one thing what would it be?  Get on the floor of exchange faster 
  5. If there were no limits what would you contribute to in the world?  Setting family up, then create a foundation to house animals, he wants to help those that can’t help themselves.  


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