Layne Norton: Going Against The Grain To Achieve BIG

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Layne Norton  is no stranger to the bodybuilding, physique and fitness world as one of the most prolific men in the entire industry.  From top level natural pro bodybuilder and power-lifter, to top level writer on the biggest platforms in fitness, to a PHD in nutritional science and a BS in Biochemistry, to being a mover and shaker in the word of fitness.

He’s bringing the pro-science to the table and never disappoints, you’ll always leave inspired either from his Facebook Live or Live Seminars around the world.   Not only is he crushing weights and educating the masses, but, he’s also a power dad to his son Robert and Daughter Livia.

Question And Answer

Can you tell us about your background and what motivated you to start body building?

I started lifting weights when I was fifteen because I got picked on a lot.  The attention from girls wasn’t really much, so it turned out that lifting weights will solve either of those problems which I did it and I loved it because it did give me much confidence.  I am also a very competitive person, I played baseball in high school.

After high school, I decided to start lifting weights and was looking for a competitive way to do it and that was body building. I heard whispers in my area about Dr. Joe, who is a prep coach.  But it turns out most of the people in national body building competition are on steroids which I don’t want to take, so I decided to compete in a drug testing show. My first show was back in 2002 in the INBF; I was prepared for it by Dr. Joe. I did the show and won the teen class which was a good start.

You are always redefining yourself in what you do, body building, online coaching and writing in Ph.D. How did you do it?

To begin, I don’t want to look back in my life and say to myself, how which I have done this or that. Right now I have a company I’m running, Avatar Nutrition which was an exception between myself and Mark Springer, the CEO. It was basically an automated coaching, we went through a lot with that and probably lost $250,000, that companies stole from us when we were trying to build websites, and two years later our website is crushing it and we are having thousands of members. In order to get there, I have to take time away from coaching to settle things up which means sacrificing short term income. But in the next three months, Avatar will be my major source of income.

Please tell us your perspective on Training and Nutrition

I love it, it’s fun for me. It’s the same thing with science training and nutrition, I never was willing to accept the status quo. I think that is a scientist brainier, scientist is very skeptical. Neil The Grass Tyson said something brilliant. He said: “The fundamental job of any scientist is to question the most fundamental beliefs we hold dear”. This means to question everything; like when somebody tells me something my response if not “Yea, okay” but rather it is something like” How, when, where, Why is that so, where are the data that supports it?”.  I always try to think outside the box and question everything.

Have you always been like that or you evolve over the years as a coach and now as an entrepreneur?

It evolved over the years and I think it’s a confidence thing. It takes a lot of confidence to swim upstream, go against the grain.

 Do you find yourself moving away from coaching and being more of an entrepreneur?

Yeah. I’m launching a clothing line that is going to be out in a couple of months, it’s called APEXX drive. We are going to try to make it a big deal because I need to diversify. The more diverse you can be, the safer you are because you do not have a safe job as long as you work for somebody else.

If you could pick one thing out of all the things you do what would you pick?

I think I will pick an avatar, because I think it has the best potential to positively impact the world. We are going to completely revolutionize the nutrition, dieting and fitness. We are looking at a million members within the next three years and fifty million members in the next five years.

Coming June 4th You are going to host an eight-hour seminar. Tell us what you are going to do and talk in that event.

I will do some nutrition talk as well as training talks.  It’s more about trying to get people to take a more evidence based approach using the practical application of science.  Get Tickets here:

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Peak 5

  1. Who is someone influential in your life that has really impacted you?

My grandfather’s passed on now since 2005, but he’s probably part of the greatest generation world war II, a tough guy. He just taught me much about life and I always admired his approach to life. For mentor and self-growth, I listen to a lot of motivational speeches. People like Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins and Dave Ramsey.

  1. What is that one book that is highly influential in your life that gave you the biggest impact?

“Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey. He gave me a different view of how I look at finances and in the book he said “Change your family tree”. That actually made me believe that you can make things better for upcoming generations.

  1. What is your most influential quote?

“Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality” by Less Brown and the other one is “If there is no enemy from within, the enemy outside can do us no harm”.

  1. If you could tell your 20-year-old self one thing, what would that be?

Stop trying to worry about the opinion of others. What’s on your mind matters than what anybody thinks about you. Trust your instincts, go for it. You are going to make mistakes and you are going to mess things up, stop worrying about making mistakes and go get things done. “When you get it wrong, it’s either win or you learn”.

  1. In general, if there is no limit to what you can contribute to the world, would it be what you do right now or something bigger?

It will be what I do right now. We want to fix the obesity crises and we actually have a plan to do it and how to execute.

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Someone’s Opinion of you, doesn’t have to be your reality. -Layne Norton

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