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I would like to share with you that a few weekends ago was a blast as the Grand Prix Formula 1 was in Montreal which is one of the biggest events in Canada and the only event for Formula One in the country brought an array of people. You’ll see their jaw dropping high performance cars in Montreal downtown at this time. Watch as they unleash their 812 horsepower brand new Ferrari car.  Then you will realize something about yourself.  That, I would love to talk with you about the “power of your engine”. The engine pertaining to you.

Now we think about us as humans, and how can we perform at an elite level. What do we have to do to change our gas every day or our engine oil?  Keep it in top level condition and take care of it. Feed it good things to make sure its performing in its highest capacity and make sure you are not overheating your engine over time. But, for us humans, what are the things required to keep us at a high performance each day?

I know for me there are times in my life where I’ll just be overheating with overwhelm.  Sometimes, I won’t change the oil when it needs to be changed and won’t listen to my body and sometimes I won’t put the right gas in the tank and then reflect on “Am I running like a Ferrari at the end of the day!”. But do you actually understand how to take care of your Ferrari engine? Which is your body and your mind? And what will keep you motivated and recharged mentally?

Let’s dissect that, learn about that, journal about that,  and see how can you take your body and mind and really be the Ferrari that you can be to perform at the highest level. Do you need to start feeding yourself better food?  Read better books?  Cut back on the television and listen more to audio programs or watch YouTube videos and motivation?  Do you need to start changing your oil? Meaning, take massages and do some cleansing of your body whatever you have to do to make sure your body, mind are functioning at the highest capacity?

Most of the times we’re just going and going and trying to give more and become more, that we forget and then all of a sudden it comes back it hits us in the side of the head like a shovel and you’re like wait a second, slow down, take a breath and realize we are a Ferrari engine and if we take care of our bodies, our minds and our spirits we can function at a superior capacity.  But what does it takes to be aware of these things?

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If you want to be a Ferrari of your mind, body and spirit then find what you have to do that you know will change these minor habits, those routines or alterations in your schedule, things you’re eating or consuming. Those things will start to shift you from being a secondary vehicle to all of a sudden being more of like a Mercedes, BMW or Ferrari.   You can do bigger, better and be more bold.  So my lesson I want to share with you guys is to be very aware of yourself and make sure your consistently running as a Ferrari in our life and that means oil changes for our bodies and minds taking time away to recharge your battery. Learn to turn the engine off sometimes, give it a break for a day or two and then recharge it and get back up again to go out there to conquer and rock the world with your goals and dreams.”

So what is it for you, that you need to do it in your life to really function and be the Ferrari in your life. What do you have to do to change the routine or habits?  Do you need to know how to get up early in the morning and to get to bed earlier at night?

What are the things you can do to shift that focus to be the Ferrari? So guys reflect and journal on that. Be more aware of that and I guarantee you will see a massive change your life that will take you to the whole new next level and you’ll see massive changes.


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