Alyssa Azar: Overcoming the Summit

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Also known as an Ozzie inspiration of the youth. Alyssa Azar , a young adventurer began her mountaineering journey at the age of 8. She’s now written her new book called The Girl Who Climbed Everest, which you can find on Amazon.

Summary:  This high-spirited young lady treks her first challenge crossing the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea. She then trekked in Nepal completed treks on the Everest base camp and the Kokoda numerous times.  She went to climb Azi 10 the 10 highest peaks in Australia and Mount Kilimanjaro. After completing Kilimanjaro at age 11,  Alyssa began climbing by doing a mountaineering course in New Zealand. She was on Mt. Everest both in 2014 and to 2015 when the avalanche in the Nepal earthquake occurred and closed the mountain. And just recently she became the youngest mountaineering mountaineer at the age of 19 years old to climb the peak of Mount Everest.

Questions and Answers:

  • Tell us more about a bit more about your in depth in what really inspired you to go into this journey of mountaineering?
    • I started out trekking because my dad was a trekking guy and he still is.  We just go out bush walking often on weekends, And it started to be my favorite thing to do every weekend. Not long after I got the urge on taking thes trips myself and asked my dad for a couple of years and then one day, my dad came back from a trip when I was about seven and he said “Do you really want to go, then I’ll give you the opportunity.” But what he really meant is that he’s going to give me a local training program . And that really put it in that way. I can’t think straight away that time because I was so desperate to go to get Kaido, which is in Papua New Guinea and that really kicked off the love for adventure that I had.
  • So your dad gave you this one year challenge?
    • Yeah. Pretty much and I think it’s funny because he admitted later that it was sort of a way for me to realize how hard it was and to possibly quit if I didn’t really want to do it. But yeah it worked. Since I really wanted it, I got stuck into that training plan out for a year and in the end he had to take me because I finished it.
  • Tell us what’s one day of this program?
    • Mostly it was weekends of bush walking so we get a pack on and go out for four to six hours on Saturday and then on Sunday going to build up our endurance.
  • So in what age was it when you decided you want to climb on Everest? 
    • Actually when I was eight. Then a few years later I am still thinking of it, and then decided to go for it.
  • Are you also doing weight training?
    • Yeah, I do body weight training, and since my dad owns a boxing gym I do different forms of training over the week.
  • What will be your next adventure after the Everest? 
    • Actually June 2017 I will be off to Russia to climb one of the seven summits which is Mt. Elbrus and then later this year hopefully in South America to also climb one of the seven summits. But ultimately the dream is to climb Mt. Himalaya which is very challenging.
  • When you go for a climb, are you alone or with a team?
    • I am sort of with a team, but definitely I am climbing alone. Particularly in Everest, so I used to share base camp but ultimately I am climbing alone on my own rhythm.
  • How do you prepare yourself for these adventures?
    • So a lot of physical training, pack training is a must and a lot of cardio too. I remember when I went to a training camp with these special forces and they pushed me to the limit and then they’ll say how badly I want to do this, it gives me the mental edge before going to Everest.
  • What actually motivated you to go through and pull through everything?
    • I think it was Everest, it represented the pinnacle what I love to do particularly at the time it’s something that I sort of idolized in since I was eight.
  • From the training you had with these Special Forces, was there any feeling of quitting?
    • I hit the wall a few times but I never seriously thought I came out I’m not going to do this.


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Peak 5:

  • Who was someone in your life that was a big influence? Such as a mentor and why? 
    • Yes, that would be my dad and a guy name Keith Fanel who mentored me through Everest.
  • What was a book that was highly influential in your life?
    • That would be Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield.
  • What is your most influential quote?
    • “Its not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”
  • If you could tell your 10 year old self one lesson what would it be?
    • I would probably tell myself, Just go for it!
  • If there were no limit’s what would you contribute to in the world? 
    • For this thing that I loved to do, it would be to encourage and empower young girls or young ones today with some of the projects I am on.


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 It’s not about the summit, It’s who you have to become to get there. – Alyssa Azar


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