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Best known as a leading success coach, business owner, entrepreneur, real estate expert, author and speaker.  Dean Graziosi is a People’s Champion in Life and Business, husband to Joleen and power dad to Brody and Breana, who is crushing it with his newest book The Millionaire Success Habits” that is changing lives worldwide with millions already sold! Get your FREE Copy of Dean’s Millionaire Success Habits Book HERE!

Dean has appeared everywhere on national TV for over a decade, including on American TV for 15 years.  He is a six time best selling New York Times author, real estate beast and a very successful and highly respected business man, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker crushing the stage with names such as Tony Robbins, Joe Polish and many more.  What separates him from others is that he truly cares and he is someone from the heart, a family man. He consistently helps out those less fortunate and even founded a charity to help those affected by tragedies.

Questions and Answers:

  • Can you share us more about how you begin to be who you are today?
    • I’ve been broker than broke. I had lived with my dad in a bathroom for a year of my life. We got evicted from my mom’s trailer park when I was a kid, so I’ve been that broke kid with nothing and no lunch money. School didn’t turn out great for me. Eventually, I needed to work as a Mechanic to earn money. That’s when I felt that the world was grading me with an outdated scorecard just because I didn’t have money and I didn’t have the pedigree and I didn’t come from a well-to-do or super successful family, I then, started working on my strengths and be amazing. Thinking this evolution that I went through helps me not to stop on what I am doing to improve myself.
  • Can you tell us this “7 why’s the 7 levels deep” you mentioned on your book?
    • Knowing your purpose and knowing your why has been around forever. So I got to tell you a story real quick. Eight years ago, I hired a consultant for about ten grand for the day to help me get more of my students to engage right. So he comes in and he asked me if I’d ever done the seven levels deep. And I said no but I want to go through it. If I said to everybody listening or watching right now what if they make more money or be more successful they might come up with an answer from their head which is a good answer.  Then ask yourself seven times the same question with the new answer, its amazing what you an uncover.
  • So when you find your “Why” did  you attach it to your vision?
    • Absolutely. And it’s collaboration.
  • How do you deal with the challenge of dealing with one’s self-worth?
    • First of all there’s some insecurity that has some sort of driving force. You’re either moving away from a painful past or you want to move towards a pleasure full future. There’s something screwed up in your life or something that’s driving you to be such a bad person. But remember, what happens, happens for a reason. Whatever the thing you’re running from don’t be afraid of it. Let that be the thing you’re running from drive you to the power you need. Don’t let it control you or eat you. Also, when we feel that we’re falling apart, Its because we are comparing ourselves to the perfect us, the ideal us that will never happen, it’s like chasing the sunset. Chasing the ideal you will just put you in the gap. It’ll put you in that place where you’ll tell yourself “I’m not good enough.” Another thing is when you compare yourself to other people you don’t know, what they’ve done, what they’ve gone through or dealt with.  You have to look at the man or the woman that you are at this moment and how much you’ve accomplished to get here to even be on that stage to be in that competition to even consider being in it. Instead of looking forward at the ideal you look at who you used to be 10 years ago and see who you are now you want to get courage. Look backwards take all that positive focus look it up even if you failed and screwed up miserably.
  • After your book was published, Is there anything that you thought you should have written down in your book?
    • I would probably have gone deeper on how powerful our thoughts are because that’s my new thing right now. I’m obsessed for the last couple of years on how to be a great observer and how to master our thoughts. You know your thoughts can make you have a great day or your thoughts can make you have a bad day, its your choice.
  • Can you tell us your morning routines?
    • So I wake up at 5:00 every day. I put my phone on an Airplane mode and write down every details I have in my head and think of something that I can be grateful for that day. But what I feed my body every morning is a scoop of green juice, a whole big lemon and an apple cider that I feel is giving me all the nutrients that I need for the day. Then I have a home gym, I do some spins and if I got bored I go out for a different gym and do some cardio.


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Peak 5:

  • Who was someone in your life that was a big influence? Such as a mentor and why? 
    • Besides my Grand Mother, It will be Tony Robins. He brought my thinking to a higher level.
  • What was a book that was highly influential in your life?
    • The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself a book by Michael A. Singer
  • What is your most influential quote?
    • “The definition of success is going failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm – Winston Churchill”
  • If you could tell your 20 year old self one lesson what would it be?
    • Your thoughts lies to you.
  • If there were no limit’s what would you contribute to in the world? 
    • With the books I am writing, actually, I want people not just to read it but apply it in their everyday lives and act on it.

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The definition of success is going failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. – Dean Graziosi

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