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In The Trenches – Get Motivated Through Perseverance

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Coach Scott Abel From Achievement Driven to Service Focused

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Let me introduce to you our guest on the show today, world renown coach and expert in the physique transformation game Scott Abel, one of the most prolific bodybuilders of our time.  He has developed several methodologies of training and diet strategies including Metabolic Enhancement Training (MET), Innervation Training and his famous Cycle Diet.  Although now he coaches folks from all …

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Nadine Dumas Reaching Your Dreams Through Consistency

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When you want a unique story that truly is inspiring, we hit the jackpot, our next guest is from a smaller community in Canada to now the Grand Cayman Islands,  Nadine Dumas is an active fit mom to her son Zaiden, international fitness & swimsuit cover model, 2014 Inside Fitness Magazine Hot & Fit Winner, world wide coach, entrepreneur and …

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Mathew Park Finding Your Message Within You

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What hidden treasure lies within you? What have you always wanted to achieve? What’s that big dream that you didn’t act on, and if you did act on it, but didn’t follow through on achieving it? Have you ever felt like you didn’t use your talents or skills to there fullest potential? Lets dive within you to find that message …

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Obi Obadike World Renown Influential Fitness Expert Transforming Lives

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  Lets rock with our next special guest on the peak mindset show, world renown influential fitness expert Obi Obadike, he has graced the cover of over 50+ magazine covers, written over 100 articles, featured in many mainstream fitness magazines such as Women’s Health, Shape, Muscle and Performance, Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness and many others, making him one of the …

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