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Layne Norton: Going Against The Grain To Achieve BIG

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Layne Norton  is no stranger to the bodybuilding, physique and fitness world as one of the most prolific men in the entire industry.  From top level natural pro bodybuilder and power-lifter, to top level writer on the biggest platforms in fitness, to a PHD in nutritional science and a BS in Biochemistry, to being a mover and shaker in the word …

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Frank Zane: Mind Body Connection Through The LEARN Formula

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Our guest Frank Zane is a legend in the industry, a shy guy from Pennsylvania. Frank found himself   usually getting bullied by his brother at age 14.  His parents didn’t support his body building, but asked him to build up his body from cutting grass.  However, Frank was determined to succeed in lifting weights at his local high school.  His …

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Importance of Goals


Setting goals is like setting the sails and rudder. Even with great energy and enthusiasm, unless the athlete sets specific goals, that is, a direction to go, the athlete may be adrift, heading in an irrelevant direction or just flailing about. We can compare an athlete in training to a sailboat. Although a boat or an athlete may be in …

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Building Powerful Confidence


Every athlete wants to play with confidence. Coaches want their players to exude confidence and play with intensity. A confident athlete has been defined as “being able to be positive, motivated, intense, focused, and emotionally in control when they need to be (Taylor and Wilson, 2005). Athletes who think and behave this way remain confident even when they are not …

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Methods for Optimal Results


I am often asked on how I train for continual progress, muscle growth and strength. The answer is simple, keep it simple and never allow the body to completely adapt. Complexity in training is not necessary and in fact over the years as I have become more and more educated, my training structure tends to deviate more to simple methods …

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