Conquering Challenges

Challenges Ahead1


In this day and age we are continually faced with situations that deter us off our course. How do we conquer this?  It has not been an easy road for myself and even though everyone I meet continually remarks on how I always keep a smile pasted on my face, they don’t know what happens behind closed doors. I feel my job and the job of each one of us should be to demonstrate strength, love and happiness to others. No complaining here. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had to deal with very difficult challenges, but haven’t we all. The BIGGEST issue I have is when we sit in that, “Feeling Sorry for Me” mindset. You cannot make a shift in your mind unless you break free from that negative harness that is pulling you under and step through those heavy chains of doubt and prosper. I just heard a saying from Dr. Joe Vitale today:

“You cannot solve your challenges with the same train of thought that you are at right now, you must improve.”

So what is the secret to staying on top of your deepest fears and conquering them? Hope and belief. You must have hope that you will prosper and a strong sense of belief.  Never allow your inner gremlin to take over your thoughts; always do what is RIGHT not what is comfortable. When you follow what is comfortable you will find that at the end of the day, your left with your most difficult challenges, the ones that require the most energy from you, but if you had dealt with them at the beginning of your day, you would have felt a sense of empowerment!  Empowerment energy is derived from your inner self; it consistently builds as you challenge it.

The faster I move, the smarter, more positive I become, the more energy I have the more experiences I get, in accomplishing my dreams and goals.

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Oh and don’t forget to reach for the STARS!!!!


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