About Mathew


Host of the successful Peak Mindset show, Performance business coach, Motivational fitness speaker to national and international audiences, WNBF pro natural bodybuilder, with over 15 years of experience in the personal development and personal training industry.  Mathew is one of Canada’s youngest and most renowned fitness entrepreneurs as founder of INBF Canada & vice president of RE7, his purpose is to wake up and inspire people to there inner greatness, by: Taking there minds, where they have never gone before!

One of Mathew’s favourite quotes is:  What can be conceived in thought can be attained through action and persistent faith.  Mathew Park 

As did Joe Weider, Mathew grew up in Canada although growing up in a small town of 125 people in southern Alberta.  He had an immense passion for natural bodybuilding ever since he lifted his first weights at 12 years old in learning from his uncle Michael who had built his own workout shed on the farm because of no access to any facility nearby.

He has always been a dreamer and achiever at a young age as he competed in his first bodybuilding show at 17 years old and numerous other amateur and WNBF professional competitions in the years to follow. Mathew then went to NAIT College for 2 years to obtain his Personal Fitness Trainer 10708636_853933754625363_2894335335162968297_o-2Diploma along with obtaining other accreditations such as: (CSEP) Certified Personal Trainer, (CSEP) Certified Exercise Consultant, (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, (NASM) Performance Exercise Specialist & (NASM) Corrective Exercise Specialist, which led into his personal trainer career for 5 years in training numerous levels of athletes from junior, amateur to professional. Mathew is also an author of 3 books, and has written for and been featured in numerous health and fitness publications.

Mathew has always had a desire to pursue entrepreneurship, as he is a visionary thinker.  One of his first endeavours was with his uncle Michael back on the farm in Acadia Valley, Alberta, which grew into RE7 and led to the addition of an amazing team that is currently rocking the beverage industry.

When Mathew was 21 he was inspired to venture into one of his dreams in starting his own natural bodybuilding & fitness federation to be named INBF Canada.  He later partnered with Rozanne Pyper, which grew into an amazing team that he all considers family in reshaping what true integrity driven drug free natural bodybuilding and fitness is all about. This led years later to competitions across Canada and an affiliation with the Worlds longest standing and largest natural pro federation in existence the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation.

He’s always been curious on what make’s others successful and took his passion in learning to interviewing the top more influential minds in the world and created the Peak Mindset Show and further helps personal trainer’s and fitness entrepreneur’s as a Performance Business Coach on how to build a successful business that has meaning, purpose and transform’s lives, all while creating more freedom.  


Performance business coach, Motivational fitness speaker, WNBF pro natural bodybuilder, adventurous learner and a man of strong faith.  Mathew strives to educate, motivate and inspire others to find there TRUE passion in understanding their worthy ideal and striving in direction of their FULL potential.

Take your MIND, where its never gone BEFORE! –Mathew Park 


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