Peak Training Mindset


Step by Step strategies to maximize your results in the gym, EVERY TIME.

How can someone continually get results in the gym with owning 3 companies, a relationship, spending time with family, having a social life and dealing with the daily stresses of life? Well that is my life; let me show you how I execute world class workouts EVERYTIME and how YOU will be maximizing your results every single workout!

Here is some of what Peak Workout Mindset includes:

  • Preparing for a Peak State, EVERYTIME
  • Structuring a compelling Mission Statement, Values and Goals
  • Achieving laser like FOCUS
  • The power of visualizing the outcome for record breaking results
  • How to create your ultimate workout
  • The Ultimate Training partner and your BIGGEST Motivator

And Much More!

Power Goals


How to fast track towards your dreams.

How can someone maintain focus with owning 3 companies, a relationship, competing as a professional bodybuilder, spend time with family, have a social life and still have Fun? Well that is my life; let me show you how I manage this successfully with the power of GOALS, so YOU can come out on top!

Here is some of what Power Goals includes:

  • How to get to where you want to go, faster
  • How to get rid of the clutter and develop clarity in what you WANT
  • How to develop the ULTIMATE POWER of your SUPERCONSCIOUS mind
  • World Class goal structuring
  • 10 keys to FAST results in effective goal setting
  • Secrets in reaching your TRUE potential

And Much More!

Champions know what they want, non-champions ponder in thought.

Pinnacle Performance


How can someone still function with owning 3 companies, a relationship, competing as a professional bodybuilder, spend time with family, have a social life and still have Fun? Well this is my life; let me show you how I take daily control of my life to ensure top performance and how YOU can benefit from these strategies starting today!

Here is some of what Pinnacle Performance includes:

  • Key Daily Performance Principles
  • The Power of Prioritization
  • The Difference between 99 and 100% Commitment
  • Mat’s World Class PEAK PREP and PEAK PRIME Principles
  • The Power of Clearing and Reflection
  • How to focus on the 20% of the activities that yield your BIGGEST REWARDS.

And Much More!

How you start and end your day ultimately determines your success in life.


Who hasn’t enjoyed a good rah-rah self-help book; we can all dream, right? For years I have heard Mat speak to audiences and I’ve observed him live what he teaches. I don’t know a more disciplined man and he’s accomplishing everything he has ever set out to do! If you want to live your dreams, let Mat show you how practical and simple it can be. He lays out the steps and tools that can take you as high as you want to go. I have bought my last motivational book; this series is the last word! – Dr. Joe Klemczewski – The Diet Doc.

Mathew Park, WNBF Pro and Peak Mindset Specialist demonstrates the importance on how our minds are the secret element that help in maximizing our results in the gym without the use of anabolic steroids or any other physique enhancing drugs. Mat will give you simple and effective techniques in an easy to follow format that will catapult your results in less time and with greater results.
Remember it only take ONE new strategy to take your workouts to a whole NEW LEVEL.
Money Back Guarantee
I’m so confident that you will find my information products far more of a value than the money that you’ve invested that I’m offering a 30-Day 100 PERCENT MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, no questions asked, if you are not satisfied. All that I ask is that you go through them in their entirety, commit to making the strategies work for you, and give them your very best physical and mental effort. There’s absolutely no way you will not be satisfied when you do so.
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