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Dai Manuel – Living Simple and Share The Power of You

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Let me introduce our multi talented guest on the show today, the lifestyle mentor ‘The Moose’ Dai Manuel. He is dating his wife Christie and is an amazing dad to his two gorgeous girls. Dai is a man full of many talents as he has helped so many companies and organizations around the world. This amazing personality is an Entrepreneur, …

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Mathew Park – Powerful Morning Meditation Exercise

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Meditation is the means of transforming the mind.  There are many things in our life that are beyond our control.  However, its possible to take responsibility for our own state of mind.  According to Buddhism teachings, it is the only real antidote to our own personal sorrows, anxieties, fears and general confusions that beset the human condition. Subscribe on iTunes (iPhone), Stitcher …

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Dr. Dave White – Being Vulnerable and Your Authentic Self

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Introduction I’m ecstatic to have the dynamic fitpro life success coach, leadstrong exec coach and lifebridge wellness coach, Dr. Dave White on the show!  He is a NCAA Men’s basketball referee on the court, controlling the game, making the big calls under pressure and managing the alpha coaches and competitive players, but off the court is a highly sought after …

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How to Persevere Through Life and Reach Your Dreams

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How do you get motivated through perseverance? Perseverance means the steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. In life we are dealt many challenges, setbacks, and road blocks.  These may come up, but its how we respond to them, which determines our ultimate outcome. Here we learn from John, Jesse, Ameet and Mathew on what perseverance …

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Coach Michael Burt On How to Stand Out In Your Field

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Coach Burt is a complete blend of unique championship powers with an entrepreneurial mindset. He is the elite super coach for all those go-to-business, who want to touch the sky, look different, and make their mark in the world at a faster pace than others. Coach Burt has a beautiful family with his wife Natalie and daughter Ella. He is …

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