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Kait Dinunzio: How to Handle Change Perfectly

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She is the passionate organizational change management and communication specialist with a purpose in inspiring others to meet their potential. She is the kid of the 70-20-10 school.  She consults many large companies being the person the president calls to resolve conflict within the organization. Summary: Seventy percent of what she knows she learned in life and and this she brings …

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Abi Montes: How to be Mentally Fit like a Marine

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Master Sergeant Abi Montes is a truly compelling motivational speaker, with over 27 years of service in the US Marine Corps.  He was enlisted into the US Marine Corps back in 1989. And had been deployed to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for Combat Operation Desert Storm. In 2003. he was activated for combat in operation Iraqi Freedom.   Summary: Montes …

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Mathew Park: How to Always Stay On Track

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Staying on track with the New Year upon us is of the utmost importance, many us have new years resolution’s, goals for this coming year, but how do we stay on track to ensure that our goals stay on the priority list and don’t fall to the waist side? I just had bought this book called ‘Tools of Titan’s’, Tim …

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Deidre Sirianni: How To Check Your Authenticity and Make A Shift

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She is a multi passionate entrepreneur who is a life coach, yogi, podcaster and retreat host, who loves to see others in their zone, doing what they love and sharing their heart with the world.  She’s been quite busy providing wellness programs for companies and doing personal development workshops and retreats. Summary: From Deidre you will definitively sense an amazing …

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George Mumford: How to Practice Mindfulness

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His story will leave you deeply empowered and inspired as he was a basketball player at the University of Massachusetts but injuries forced him out of the game, which led him into using medications to relieve his pain from injuries, which also numbed him to the emptiness he felt without the game and eventually lead to heroin use. He later …

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