16 Years Later She Blew Up

By matparkmuscle4d0e | March 6, 2021

I was looking at 2019 personal trainer statistics from the United States Labour Bureau and it stated that the average hourly rate for personal trainers is $18.85 per hour, the demand for personal trainer’s is increasing by 10% each year and get this, within the FIRST YEAR 90% of trainers quit, that’s INSANE!


What BLOWS my mind, is the hourly wage for McDonalds is $17.55!


It’s time to CHANGE this and help highly educated trainers like Britt Fitt, who invested 2 years full-time in school learning her craft, to start THRIVING, so she can SERVE her clients at the next level.


Brittany’s story goes way back to when I had taken the NAIT PFT Personal Training 2 year program 16 years ago.  I remember this high-energy gal in the class before me, always smiling, delivering the energy.


Fast forward to 16 years later, we hadn’t spoken in years, I saw a post that she was venturing into her own business, so I reached out.  Later learning she had no idea what or how to do things on her own.


This POWERHOUSE of a women dove right in and within months was hitting $10K a month in her personal training business and joined the TRM 10K Club.


This leap wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, she had some rocky challenges to overcome, but NEVER GAVE UP and that’s the secret.


No magic pill here, she followed the formula, put in the work, went through a mental shift, started acting, behaving, and embracing as a leader in her field, stepping into her power, started charging more, and running as a business.


Britt you ALWAYS amaze me, it’s such a pleasure and joy to see you THRIVE in your business, see you spending more time with your loved ones, traveling more, seeing you truly step into your TRUTH as an AWESOME HUMAN inside and out.  Keep Being AMAZING!


If you are an educated trainer that invested money and time into your craft and want to go from struggling to thriving head over to www.MathewPark.com and apply for a call.


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