Are You Playing A Big Enough Game In Your Training Business?

By matparkmuscle4d0e | March 6, 2021

Remember that feeling where your coasting, things are okay, money is okay, then you lose a client or two and you go into survival mode, all because what you were earning was JUST enough.


O wait there’s room on the credit card, we should be okay for a bit longer, I just hope a client comes through the doors soon, then you tell your trainer friend at gym and they agree, as there hoping for the same thing.


What a RISKY game to PLAY!


Comfort zones are for the majority, are you the MINORITY?


No judgement for the majority, as for some people they prefer comfort zones and that’s totally cool, for the minority who want to play a bigger game, this is why we have TRM and a bigger game can be different level for everyone.


1 - You’ll need to get around others playing a bigger game than you, if you want your game to rise.

2 - You’ll need to make the uncomfortable zone your new comfortable.

3 - You’ll need to have help, whether its a mentor or coach, someone who can help you raise your game and show you how.


Right now pull out a piece of paper, if your in you car just express out loud or write in your phone the answer to this question


How Can I PLAY a Bigger Game?


What Do I Need to DO?


Then make your first move NOW.


If your ready to play a bigger game in your personal training business jump on over to and apply for an opportunity on how you can 3X your revenue in 90 days or less.


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