Building Unshakable Confidence! 


One of our most popular courses in Trainer Revenue Multiplier, has been ‘Unshakable Confidence’.


Today, I’m going to expand on things from the original course, as Unshakable Confidence is a key cornerstone to a successful fitness business. 


Confidence is not learned through a book, it’s earned through small consistent daily steps.


Let me rephrase that, confidence tools can be learned from a book, TRM10K, courses or even a coach, although the consistent application over time is where it multiplies.


Do you sabotage yourself sometimes?


Have you ever asked yourself, why you do it and then dig in to find out why?


I’ve done this so many times in my past, it kills confidence. 


So how do you break through?


Confidence is like a muscle, it must be trained consistently.


You know that pit in your stomach, that’s a protective mechanism that creeps up to warn you of danger, could be before a sales call, a presentation, a facebook live, a TRM10K call or when you raise your prices.


When you advance forward and do that ‘thing’, confidence starts to grow, when you retreat, your confidence muscle starts to shrink.


I remember when I first moved to Montreal 7 years ago, I had to start over yet again, was $68K in debt, credit cards were full, no savings left, I felt like a complete failure at the time.  I had tasted success prior to that multiple times, although I made some mistakes that put me in a place of having to start over again.


I remember the drive from Calgary to Montreal via car like it was yesterday, 4400 kilometres over 5 days alone in my car listening to over 30 hours of personal development tapes and still feeling disappointed and frustrated. 


I was driving along listening and thinking to myself, I’ve been listening to these darn tapes for so many years, why is my life like this again?  I should be Uber successful by now, I've been successful before, so why am I starting over again.  It was due to some bad decisions, I learned, now it's time to turn these into opportunities. 


Someone even advised me, maybe you should claim bankruptcy and start all over again.

I decided not to partake down this route, instead to dig my heels in and get moving. 


Over the next few years, it didn’t happen as fast as I had liked, but things started to change, I made important DECISION and guess what, my confidence started to shift. 


It wasn’t till about 3 years after that things really started to change, I wasn’t going to give up, EVER.  


So I made the decision to take a complete 180, paid off all the debt, then decided to put a sizeable amount each month into savings and invest in the business, as I’ve always believed, you can’t save money if the business isn’t thriving.  


I wanted to save dollars, not pennies. 


My philosophy now, which wasn’t in my 20’s, was FOCUS on one thing and be masterful at it, learn the skills you need to learn to grow the business, so that it keeps growing profitably and don’t deviate to something NEW, that is what everybody else will be doing, not ME.  




Too many people when they see growth and money in the bank, say $25K saved up, they say, okay let's start putting part of this money into investments now.


I prefer to keep reinvesting part of the profits into the business, into learning new skills that make me more valuable so I can then teach and train our team, put a portion aside in savings, then focus on talent stacking and being the best dam business in the world for personal trainers and fitness professionals in growing their business.  


When the business has a sizable amount in the bank and things are rolling strong, then look at investing, as that requires another level of focus and attention. 


Thats been my approach for the past 5 years.


Spend all the money you can to acquire skills until you can’t spend money on acquiring skills anymore, you can always spend money to acquire skills, you just do it differently the higher you go. 


Each time you add a different layer into your business that requires energy, focus and time. 


This philosophy isn’t for everyone, I adopted it from a few mentor’s whose businesses earn hundreds of millions a year. 


So what is the point of all this?


What I’m about to share with you, came from going through a lot of painful experiences over the years.




Stick to the core business and become EPIC at it.  ‘Being good at many things, pulls you away from being great at one.’


Focus on the few key relationships that matter.  ‘You are the product of the 5 people you spend the most time with.’ Jim Rohn  


Focus on building your income first and quit trying to invest in shiny things too soon.  You want to be in a position down the road to invest dollars, not pennies. 


Focus on getting around one or two key mentors or coaches that believe in YOU and LEVEL YOU up, this allows you to gain back time and grow exponentially faster. 


Focus on improving your skills and talents each day.  'Invest in as much of yourself as you can, you are your own biggest asset by far.’ Warren Buffet 


When you find an inner circle that inspires you, stick with it!  Quit bouncing around like a ping pong ball between a bunch of groups, thinking the grass is greener on the other side, this creates confusion, which leads to indecision, which leads to minimal results. 


Get your finances in order, know your numbers.


There are NO mental hacks in here today, these are more tactical based strategies, that when done over time, BUILD UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE. 


Confidence is a muscle that grows stronger with application over a period of time. 


Small hinges move big doors. 


Hope this served you today.

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