Double Your Prices?

By matparkmuscle4d0e | March 6, 2021

Take a listen to Brittany and Sebestian as they share the importance of why knowing your worth and having a fair price is important in growing your personal training business.


Both of these powerhouses took the leap and there businesses grew fast!


Far to many trainers are discounting rates, trying to get more clients, big mistake, this is a scarcity mentality.


They are in fear of losing clients.


First, do you believe your worth more?  Do you believe you offer exceptional value?


One can’t just increase rates, without first believing in oneself, the value provided and proper presentation.


First go sell yourself, practice your pitch, get it dialled, so it becomes second nature.


Many want increased rates, but are unable to follow the process through, with proper implementation.


You can’t just throw your increased prices out to clients blindly, there needs to be a proper process followed, here are a few steps that are important.


  1. First, establish an increased rate that feels congruent to you, where you feel both uncomfortable and excited at the same time.
  2. Have your pitch and value proposition aligned
  3. Start conditioning the new rate into your new belief system, this needs to be done daily.
  4. Start talking to prospects, you won’t get better until you practice.


It’s going to be scary at first, this is normal, you are most likely going to get rejection, some may say no, some will say yes.


The key is to proceed to grow, as your rate grows, you grow from the inside.


We have a few extra steps to help fine tune the process in making it seamless, to learn more go to and take the free assessment in how to charge your worth and take your income to the next level.


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