How many times have you opened up social media and seen at least 5 offers on something for free. 


Some examples: 5 Day or 7 Day Challenges, 14 day Trials, 30 minute fitness consultations, one free training session, free butt building workout, free Facebook group, free ebook. 


Free works if you position it with strategy.  


I remember when covid first hit and the social feeds were flooded with free virtual workouts, free online training, free home workouts, free everywhere as I scrolled through my phone in just a few minutes. 


It made me sick just looking at it, you could tell who was operating in scarcity, it was like an overnight buffet of free. 


So what is best?  


Where do you start?


In Trainer Revenue Multiplier, we always use a 30 minute fitness consult as our initial call to action.  




Coaches want to feel the immediate gratification of signing up a new client, it helps build confidence, rapport and momentum.  


The beauty of 30 minute consultation calls, which end up being an exploration / sales session over zoom, is that they build trust with the prospect and it's the perfect way to learn more about them and how you can best serve them.  It also improves communication skills for the coach as confidence is improved when calls are executed. 


I have a rule, get on 100 sales calls first, before you ever launch another free anything.  This is like its own educational journey when you can experience first hand how to go through a conversation, learn about what they want, understand their struggles, present an offer, work through objections and proceed forward with a smile even if the prospect responds with, ‘not right now.’


Many fitness professionals avoid sales calls, I highly recommend you dig your heels in with sales calls, it's something no course or book can do. 


Let’s say you're struggling to get on any sales calls period, then the four steps below will help you so that you can better understand who you serve, you start attracting them, offering a 30 minute consultation, working your database and building out your Golden 50. 


As a more advanced next phase, then we look at what is the next best ‘free’ to offer that will start attracting more of your perfect clients. 


You may go with a free downloadable checklist, for example: ‘Three Simple Habits That Build Rockstar Confidence,’ on the backend of this you offer a 30 minute free fitness consultation. 


Its breaks down into one of three categories:



Live - 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute consultation or workout session.  Preferably done over zoom video or face to face, phone call is next best.  We have found 30 minutes to be the ideal start, as you get more seasoned and have better processes to qualify people, then 15 minute sessions may work great. 


Quick - PDF, checklist, cheat sheet, 3 to 5 page ebook, training program, home workout, mini course or a webinar.  Something they can consume in under 90 minutes, adds value and offers a call to action at the end. 


Long - 5 day, 7 day, 14 day, 21 day and even 30 day challenges.  It can also be short courses with daily steps, where they get to experience you for 7 or 14 days.  We have found 5 to 7 days to be most optimal for the long approach, as it’s just enough time to keep them engaged, get some immediate results and then you offer a call to action at the end, which is typically a more premium offer. 


So how do you build strategy that makes sense?


Go through these steps below to identity: 


#1 First - Identify your ‘perfect client’, put a name to them. 


#2 Second - Break down your perfect client to gain an understanding of them.  What do they want, why did they come to you, what do they struggle with, what drives them crazy, what keeps them up at night and what frustrates them.  


#3 Third - Find the top 3 milestones / pain points.  Let’s say that one of them is that they struggle with liking what they see in the mirror, as a result their confidence has plummeted, they don’t believe in themselves and have low self esteem. 


#4 Fourth - Take a milestone and make that into something of value that solves the pain point identified.  Let’s say you identified Sarah as your perfect client and she struggles with liking what she sees in the mirror, you create a 3 page cheat sheet on ‘The Three Simple Habits That Build Rockstar Confidence.’ or you could offer a ‘30 Minute Discovery Call’ with a sub title like: ‘In this call uncover what has been holding you back from achieving the body you’ve always wanted.’


Jon Benson told me a few years back, ‘Mathew, give away 75% away and get paid handsomely for 25%.’  Very similar to the 80 / 20 philosophy.  I was scratching my head on this for a while.


But if he has been responsible for over a billion dollars in revenue he has achieved with his clients, then I better listen up. 


Most don’t realize that it only takes ONE thing done consistently over time to generate incredible results.


With that being said, I’ve seen others build multi-million dollar businesses off just a 30 minute strategy call.


Business success is all about keeping it simple.


Hope this served you today

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