Fitness trainers, stop comparing yourself

By matparkmuscle4d0e | February 26, 2021

Fitness trainers, stop comparing yourself


The comparison syndrome is an issue many trainers fall into, if they don’t pull themselves out, they could be in serious danger of affecting their business.


Here’s how you pivot:

Step One - Understand there is only ONE you, nobody can ever be you.

Step Two - Improve YOU, upgrade your daily standards, transition any self destructive belief and start understanding the value of your worth, because nobody can see your worth if you don’t see it yourself.

Step Three - Spend more time around others who have a solid self image, raise your standards and allow you to level up, you clearly won’t level up around people who are as good as you, you need people who are better than you.


If you in the TRM FB group you need to go watch TRM Mentor Jaime Filer's comparitis post, some extra great wisdom in there.


Start embracing your daily blessings, start taking multiple daily 5 minute time-outs to step away, refocus, breathe and focus on the beauty in front of you.


Do you know how much time you waste, spending time trying to compare yourself to someone else when you could be focusing on helping that one allstar client, reading that book you have been putting off or writing that blog article to send to your email list.


Transition into focusing on improving you, shift your focus and start making a bigger impact in your clients lives.


If your a trainer who wants to plan and pivot there training business successfully through the panic right now, you can register for a free training I do:


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