Fixing those leaks

By matparkmuscle4d0e | March 6, 2021

Remember when you had that slow leak in your tire and it irritated the heck out of you and you still procrastinated to go get it fixed, so you just threw more air in.


Think of your leaks like your business, are you letting leads blow out of your tires?


Weird metaphor, but hey it works


Your getting leads coming in from social, referrals, your website, the gym, from friends, the list goes on.   It doesn't matter if its one or 50 leads, it's the same thing.


Then you have your call, what happens next??


So you didn’t close, where do they go? Do they go in the ‘let's collect some dust pile’ and see if they will ever call back.




People are inundated with ads, pop ups, video’s multiple times a day, they need your trust!


Grant’s stat’s clearly state that you need 5-12 points of contact before someone will know, like and trust you.


So where are the leaks for you?


Look at all the areas you get leads from right now, ask yourself, how am I nurturing my prospects when they leave a call or interact with me?


You could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table, by leaving leads go dormant.


If you want to fix your leaks and starting blowing up your personal training income, head over to and take my quick free assessment, then schedule a call.


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