How to get leads without spending a dime

One of the most common questions I get is how can I get more leads, Mathew.


I’m going to break it down for you in 2 categories:


First, is your database or circle of influence, which is your network you know and that knows you.

Second, is the network that doesn’t know you yet, so to get them to know you comes down to your clear ‘message to market’ strategy, coupled with some strategic paid advertising helping solve the pain your perfect client is in.


Solve their pain, everyone WINS,


Now here is the real truth, many don’t FULLY activate their database and KEEP nurturing it over time.


Here is an example:  send out a text to see how they are doing, some will respond, some won’t, stop there OR couple that with another text a few weeks later, want to hop on a call and catch up, again some will respond, some won’t.

Here is why this above only works for PART of your database.

Some of your database will have been old clients, they may have a question or want to connect again, some don’t care. 


You need to approach your database from multiple angles to maximize the nurturing experience. 


Now let’s say you gift your database with a program called ‘The 21 Day Home Shape Up’ program for the busy mom.  It adds lots of value to your ‘target niche’.  Some are going to take this, use it, apply it and want more.


I could go on with this, but do you get the point?


I’m going to come back to the database and go a bit deeper.  In TRM we have the Golden 50 concept, which is a step in the TRM10K process where after you understand your perfect client, who they are, what pain they are in, what desires they have, what goals they want, then we ask ourselves. 


Where are they congregating? 


Linda aka ‘USA’ has been a consistent client for over 3 years, she is an action taker and hasn’t spent a dime on FaceBook ads to date, yet runs a successful 6 figure a year training business and is continually flooded each week with leads, now you're probably thinking, how does she get these leads?


First, I need to mention that the leads didn’t just pop up one day, she planted seeds in the right fields where her perfect clients were congregating, kept watering those seeds month after month and now she is reaping the harvest months later, not days after, months after. 


A new prospect in most cases won’t just reach out and want to hop on a call with you, they will research you, ask around about you, and watch your material over time.  When they are ready they will reach out or may see your email or social media post that spoke directly to them and then take some type of action.


Here is an example of what Linda did with only 5 of her Golden 50 and that alone is generating countless leads for her weekly, because she keeps watering them consistently.  


She targets midlife women 50+, who have children (now older), struggle with losing weight and the issues age brings with women’s hormones.  She shows them the strategies that allow them to lose weight successfully and feel sexy again. 


She started in her backyard, researched local mom’s in Darien, Connecticut, joined local and surrounding towns FaceBook groups, started adding value in them and had her ‘perfect clients’ post in the groups too.  


She also writes for a Darien Neighbours Magazine that hits local residents in her town and Beverly International Magazine, which is a supplement company that many of her perfect clients read.


These few networks within her Golden 50 have given her a large harvest of warm leads ready to buy, because she strategically focused on only areas she will find her midlife women congregating.


My advice to you is, have you identified 5 of your Golden 50?


If you haven’t, then I suggest taking a moment today and doing so, then ask yourself, how you can add value into these 5 and consistently do so over time.  


Remember a seed planted without water leads to no crop, if that seed is watered, given sunshine and is nurtured over time, the crop is plentiful. 


Be awesome today! 

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