Is Personal Training Dying?

By matparkmuscle4d0e | March 6, 2021

Can’t believe I didn’t make this post awhile back, with many trainers asking me this question.


The answer...Absolutely NOT!


The cream of the crop will rise to the top and the rest will fall off, just like in any other business.


Online coaching will grow and continue to grow, people still want human connection, that personal touch, this will never go away, in fact it’s needed more than ever.


This goes back to what Tony Robbins shared years ago pertaining to the 6 human needs, one being connection.


I personally LOVE sit down coaching sessions with my trainer’s and LOVE intimate masterminds or seminars, things now have shifted to video and webinars, which are a great tool, leverage them to grow, but you still need personal contact.


Do you think a candidate running for president of the United States, would only rely on videos, webinars and social ads to win a campaign?  Of course not, they need to be in contact with the people, shaking hands, kissing babies, connecting with the public, now combine that with leveraging media and you have a home run.


One of the most successful celebrity trainers in the world, still does large bootcamp classes in her private gym in NYC, why? Because people want to connect with her, she’s darn good at what she does and provides exceptional value and results.


The guru’s that are saying its dying, ask them, have they been face to face with customer’s for a sales presentation and actually sold them, have they picked up the phone and called clients warm or cold, have they walked up to someone in the gym, got to know a member, that potentially led into a consult, have they done a live seminar from 10 to 100 attendees or more and converted attendee’s into clients?


The secret sauce is staying focused on serving clients, solving problems, getting results and adding value.


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