Let’s get a head start

By matparkmuscle4d0e | February 26, 2021

Let’s get a head start


Most personal trainers during the holiday’s take the next 2 weeks off completely.


This doesn’t mean working the entire holidays, its structuring time strategically, maybe a few hours during the week.


As you carve out time for family, friends and Christmas cheer, carve out time for these key three things below, so that when January 3rd comes your ready to go.


1️⃣ - Review your 2019 and plan your strategy for 2020. This invaluable time will save you money and time in 2020 in BIG WAYS.

2️⃣ - Nurture your prospect list during the holidays, review your entire database, check to see if you missed any prospects from the past 6 months, add any missed prospects and reach out and connect with them.

3️⃣ - Nurture your current clients, find some creative ways to connect, add some value, see how they are doing and of course wish them holiday cheer.


2020 is the time to over up new growth in your personal training business, we have the perfect solution for you, if you want to 3X your monthly revenue in 90 days or less go to www.mathewpark.com/trm-10k


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