Personal trainers, when a prospect backs out.What do you do?

By matparkmuscle4d0e | February 26, 2021

Personal trainers, when a prospect backs out…..


What do you do?


In most cases a few things happen, that person could have spoken to their wife, husband, friend or possibly saw an ad or video that made them think twice.


The key is to get the prospect back on a call right away.


Remember, your helping them achieve their fitness goals, this is SO important to their health and longevity.


I’d suggest fine tuning your follow up process and not leave this hanging for hours or days.


In most cases prospects need more than just one call, it’s a process of building trust.


Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up, these are all ways that will allow you to improve and be even more dialed, these things happen to the best of us.


The #1 rule though is: ‘Build The Relationship’


If your a personal trainer wanting to start closing more prospects and build a tight follow up process that WORKS head over to


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