Video Testimonials

Chris Alejandro

Online Trainer @a1_fitness_bcs

Aaron Parkinson

CEO 7 Mile Media in Grand Cayman -

Jaime Filer

Filer Fitness, TRM Mentor in Tampa Bay, Florida - @jaim91

jaime filer

Greg McCoy

Hidden Gym in Dallas, Texas - @greg.w.mccoy

Zachary Kroeger

Strength And Fézek in Arlington, Texas - @strengthandfezek

Zak Mathew and Jaime

Alex Boross-Harmer

ABH Movement in Toronto, Ontario - @abh_movement

Lamar Tummings

Turning Point Fitness and Nutrition, Hazel Green, AL @turning_point_fit

Lamar Tummings

Ross Cowan & Emily Hackett

BTA Fitness in Chatham, United Kingdom - @emilybta_fitness @rosscowanbta

ross and emily

Lenay Bavero

B-Fit Training, California @lenizzle

Lenay Bavero

Jace Lopez

Apex Training @Jace_lopez_

Marie Robertson

Marie Robertson Fitness @magnum_mariefit

Jeff Black

Iron House Strength and Conditioning, Hermitage, TN - @jeffunbreakableblack

jeff black

Amanda Voisin

AJF Studio, Ontario, Canada - @ajfteam

amanda voisin

Steph Rosales

Killer Fit Camp in Dallas, Texas - @ripped_rosales

Smiley Elmore Jr.

Smiley's Champion Fitness in Tucson, Oklahoma - @smileychampionsfitness

Jamie Pinder

Pinder Power in Charlotte, NC - 3x Olympia Contestant - @jamiepinder14

jamie pinder

Kristen Graham

Stronger Faster Better in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - @kgrahamsfb

kristen graham

Kevin Lussier

Team Lussier in Montreal, Quebec - @lussier_nutrition

Tara Pompetti

Tiny T Fitness in Montreal, Quebec - @COACH.tiny.t

tiny tea

Samantha Anderson

Anderson Fitness in Brooks, Alberta - @samanthaandersonfitness

samantha anderson

Steve Dube

SSP Barbell in Montreal, Quebec - @sspbarbellclub @steverehab

Daniel Jouhannet

Athlete Arsenal and South Shore Iron in Brossard, Quebec @danieljouhannet

Christian Palmer

Relentless Fitness & Nutrition in Darien, Connecticut - @christianfpalmer

Ashley Starnino

Health & Fitness by Ashley in Montreal, Quebec - @ashleystarnino

Leonel Solorzano

Lifted Official in Dallas, Texas - @liftedofficial_

Jonathan Gagné

Personal Coach in Montreal, Quebec - @JoGagneTrainer ·

Kimberly Smith Lee

Total Body Fitness - Dallas, Texas - @Totalbodyfitnessbykim

kimberly smith lee

Lamar Tummings

Turning Point Fitness and Nutrition, Hazel Green, Alabama - @Turningpointfitnessandnutrition

lamar tummings

Melanie Pabon and Chelle Bell

Melanie Pabon Fitness, New York - @melanie_pabon_fitness

melanie and chelle

Vincent Carey

Vincent Carey Kinésiologue, Montreal, Quebec - @vincent.carey.kinesiologue

vincent carey

Jennifer Kreider

Get Fit with Jenny K, Pennsylvania - @fitwithjennyk

Matt Tracy

Elite Trainer in Miami, Florida - @matt_tracy1

matt tracy

Tammy Sims

Elevate Fitness, Pennsylvania - @tammysimscpt

tammy sims

Leanne Forker

Forkers Fitness, Ontario, Canada - @forkersfitness

leanne forker

Tony Mack

TMack Elite Training - @tmackelitetraining

Tony Mack 10K

Jennifer Davis

True Health 4 You in Las Vegas, Nevada - @jenn4truehealth

Terra Dawn

Hardcore Training & Nutrition in Cochrane, Alberta - @terra_dawnhardcoretraining

linda Stephens

Linda Stephens

I've increased my revenue 1000%, gained more confidence and have a thriving online coaching business. My existing clients are sending me referrals and I’m over the top busy with new prospects. Success begets success all while raising my kids, training myself and enjoying my life.


Kristen Graham

I never thought my online coaching business could be a full time job for me. I’ve been more uncomfortable this year than I have ever been and I’ve learned that being I uncomfortable is they key ingredient to 10x'ing my business. From $200/month to $10K/month in 3 months and my personal gains in the gym have multiplied with the confidence I now have.


Jaime Filer

I was beyond skeptical, having only made about $3500 per month as a personal trainer, working 40 hours per week. Now I work half that, and make ALMOST 5x as much, working half as many hours per week.


Christian Palmer

I was working at a corporate gym for years, then made the jump to my own business and within 2 months 3X'ed, my monthly revenue and growth keeps happening each month.


Ross Cowan / Emily Hackett

3 massive things happened when we worked with Matt. We doubled our prices, which made us double our value and the result was us tripling our income! We’re set to 10X our income over the next 6 months while we travel around the world. No joke, this man will change your life.


Stephanie Rosales

I never knew making $20K a month was as easy as applying what I learned through Matt. It blows my mind knowing my business is now an international seller. Time to REV UP and smash my next goal, 30k a month. With TRM I know that's possible!


Sebastien Cossette

I actually was resistant at first, but when I got into TRM and invest in some coaching I have almost doubled my rates, increased my income 60% and managed to work 4 days a week. I am thrilled! Just listen to the man and let the magic operate.


Brittany Uchach

In 3 months I have quadruped my monthly income, been able to impact more people and made some incredible connections. The vision I have for my business now is one that I never thought was possible!


Ann Walsh

I have been a trainer for almost 25 years and the most I ever made was 4K a month (only once) working long hours. Just last month I earned 14K, more than tripling my income, working less hours. I didn’t think it was possible, but I followed Mathew’s process and my life has completely changed.


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