The Shift Into Your Power

By matparkmuscle4d0e | March 6, 2021

I remember back in March, remember Terra, when you were killing it, broke your $10K, actually it was $11K lol, then you decided to do a show and well the rest is history.


Terra is a great example of hard work paying off, she didn’t just jump to $10K in a snap, it took her a bit longer, each month she grew from the inside and her income followed.


We all know the saying, were focus goes money flows, well maybe I made a small change.


Shifting into your power isn’t just about money, it’s about a shift mentally that proceeds with persistent action followed by results.


All the books and courses won’t help, unless action is taken, not just tippy toe, the big dive.


Marilyse had a similar shift happen for her, then income followed.


How does a shift take place?


Make uncomfortable, the new comfortable


Taking action each day, the action that feels scary and challenges the ego


Surrounding oneself around winner’s, people that are doing better than you, this is why we have our Platinum TRM group, just ask Terra how that first call went, when she came back LOL.


Avoiding thoughts like, I don’t need help, I’m fine on my own, I’m good now, these will crush you.


Every successful trainer, coach or entrepreneur has a powerful team around them, this is a must, not a should.


Its funny, some want success, but aren’t willing to invest into the steps, put in the work, this separates those who win and those who stay where they are.


How will you shift into your power?


If your want to shift into making more money in your personal training business and need a kick, head to and apply for a call. Just a heads up, if your just wanting a magic pill, aren’t willing to put in the work or aren’t committed then head back to surfing your social feed.


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