The shiny lead syndrome

By matparkmuscle4d0e | February 26, 2021

The shiny lead syndrome


I want more leads….I hear this everyday from clients.


My first question is, how effective are you managing the current inflow of clients you already have?


Are you neglecting the gold in your backyard?


Have you nurtured your current database, are you able to serve and convert a warm database, even friends?


How effective is your follow up process from the last 3 leads you spoke with?


Key things to keep in mind:


1️⃣- Is your current system effective at converting clients you currently have or are leads falling through the cracks?

2️⃣ - How effective have you been at nurturing and working your current database? If you can’t close a friend who truly needs your help, how will you close a cold prospect?

3️⃣ - Putting the cart before the horse - seeking automation before mastering the basics, your sales calls, sales process, basic follow up.

4️⃣ - Putting money before the relationship - EPIC coaches truly CARE about you and your results and build system’s around this to scale properly. OKAY coaches put money and automation before the client, forgetting about the customer EXPERIENCE, this results in poor client retention, leads that don’t convert, nor want to pay what your worth.


If your a personal trainer who wants to start building a system that truly makes an IMPACT and generations leads like crazy go to:


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