There is a secret to growing your personal training business.

By matparkmuscle4d0e | February 26, 2021

There is a secret to growing your personal training business,


Did you know that in the last 15 years the average adult attention span has decreased from 15 seconds to 8.25?


Scientists reckon that we have shorter attention spans than GOLDFISH!


Why is this relevant?


This shift has created a ‘need’ for things ‘now’ and if things aren’t achieved ‘now’ many quit, stop or give up early.


This is GREAT news for TRM member’s because we have the EDGE in working through a process over the course of a period of time to achieve specific goals.


What is the SECRET… Consistency.


Would LOVE to share with you the formula when followed for 90 days has created many 10K and 20K a month trainer success stories!


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