Time is the of the most valuable asset we have.  I can’t tell you how much I’ve abused it though over the years and took it for granted.  


Now with 2 kids, focused on quality relationships and things that bring me joy and in creating a positive impact in the world, I’ve come to realize how we can further leverage it, from books I’ve read, learning from others, doing it myself and seeing others in Trainer Revenue Multiplier practice it with outstanding results.


1.  Gain an understanding of your high leverage activities first, then strive to spend 50% of your time doing them.  I’m still working on that 50% myself, but can tell you when I get weeks in that zone, magic happens.


Examples of high leverage: planning your week, setting your goals, building standard operating procedures for your team, building key relationships within your Golden 50, video sales sessions, building sales and marketing systems, follow up, building content you can re-purpose, training your team, working with your Gold or Platinum clients, masterminding, learning, reading, connecting with your tribe that inspires you, self care.


Let’s say right now you're looking at this and thinking, ‘Mathew this is utterly impossible, as I’m training clients 40 hours a week and putting in another 15 hours of sales calls, creating content, answering emails, doing check-ins with clients and invoicing clients.’


Start with baby steps.  


Let’s say you do this on week one: you hire an assistant to help with invoicing clients, managing client sessions and helping answer client questions, which gives you back 4 hours a week.  


Next, you speak to that client who keeps hinting to you about training clients, who got their personal trainer certification 4 months ago and would like to proceed with coaching.  You sit down with them, work out an agreement and start to position 3 of your clients with them, which frees up another 9 hours a week of time. 


Let’s say all that took place over a month, you were at 55 hours a week, you got a part time assistant to help and got a coach starting with you, you gained back 13 hours, now you're at 41 hours a week.  


Even if you add another 90 minutes a day 5 days a week of ‘high leverage’ activity, that adds up to 7.5 more hours a week that you can leverage in helping grow your business. 


Small hinges, move big doors. 


2.  Stack don’t Spread.  Many personal trainers and coaches who come to Trainer Revenue Multiplier, have a schedule that includes double shifts or have clients spread all over the day and train clients at high productive time slots.  What are high productive time slots?  Each one of us have 3 to 4 hours in a day when we are MOST productive, when our brains are highly creative and can work through things at record speed, this usually ends up being mornings for most.   


Try stacking high leverage activities together back to back at highly productive times, then schedule client training at different hours.  


Example - 5 days a week from 5 to 7 am you schedule high leverage activities of reading, writing content, building standard operating procedures, building sales and marketing systems and making some videos on select days.  3 days a week for 2 hour slots on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12:30 to 2:30 you book time for video sales calls, follow up and training your team.  


We call this: Understand it, Build it, Book it, in Trainer Revenue Multiplier.  I’ll go deeper on this model on a separate blog. 


The goal with this is to stack your high leverage activities in at least 1 hour blocks, best is 2 to 3 hours so you can really dial in and get key outcomes achieved. 


3.  Stop doing things that don’t bring you joy and that aren’t high leverage.  If you're still doing your own invoicing, bookkeeping and collections, then that should be the first thing you off-board.   


For years I kept telling myself that I need to do everything on my own, this held me back from so much more success early in my career, today I have an amazing team around me and most of our members in Trainer Revenue Multiplier have at minimum, a part time assistant and have realized how much more freedom this provides in the business and life. 


Take 10 minutes and write down on paper all the things you're doing in a week that you could pay someone else $20 a hour for.  Now imagine if those weren’t on your plate, how would you feel? 


I’ve personally reviewed these 3 things over and over again for myself, probably over 30 times, as it needs consistent reinforcement to keep it in check, because it's so easy to get busy with clients and forget, then burnout set’s in.  


I’d suggest taking 20 minutes today, identify your high leverage activities, where you can start stacking to be more efficient and what you can start off boarding that is low leverage.  This will help you EARN more FAST and feel much more purposeful in your daily activities as you go and serve your clients at the highest level. 


Be awesome today! 

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