Our step by step system will help you: Boost revenue, Increase sales, Get more clients, Sell yourself more effectively, Get more leads. This program is specifically designed to help personal trainers earn at least $10K a month



Overcome the fear of raising your prices, understand your true worth, learn how to do a powerful sales presentation, step into your power, build more confidence and feel great about your rates!

jaime filer


Overcome overwhelm by learning how to best organize your clients, plan your schedule, build your perfect week with clients so you have more time freedom, better processes and can focus more on what you do best!


jeff black

Jeff Black

I linked up with Mat in July of 2020, and since then I've experienced nothing but amazing growth in my coaching business and honestly, in my perspective of leadership. If you're a coach, whether you're beginning or whether you're elite, and you're looking for a collective group of individuals who strive to teach you systems, to teach you the why behind and most importantly, to believe in you, I encourage you to hit up my friend Mat.

jaime filer

Jaime  Filer

I was beyond skeptical, having only made about $3500 per month as a personal trainer, working 40 hours per week. Now I work half that, and make ALMOST 5x as much, working half as many hours per week.

greg mccoy

Greg McCoy

I really believe in the content and the way that he's doing it. The way Mat has articulated and put the sales content together is so good I actually ended up hiring him to do the same course for my gym staff. So it's great!

linda Stephens

Linda Stephens

I've increased my revenue 1000%, gained more confidence and have a thriving online coaching business. My existing clients are sending me referrals and I’m over the top busy with new prospects. Success begets success all while raising my kids, training myself and enjoying my life.


Kristen Graham

I never thought my online coaching business could be a full time job for me. I’ve been more uncomfortable this year than I have ever been and I’ve learned that being I uncomfortable is they key ingredient to 10x'ing my business. From $200/month to $10K/month in 3 months and my personal gains in the gym have multiplied with the confidence I now have.

juan martinez

Juan Martinez

He has helped me out tremendously. Helped change my mindset, helped develop some of my systems, helped me charge what I am worth, so the whole experience was just great. Now I am making over $10,000 per month and making the most out of my time. The most important thing is making a bigger impact to all my clients. I can't say enough about the program.


Christian Palmer

I was working at a corporate gym for years, then made the jump to my own business and within 2 months 3X'ed, my monthly revenue and growth keeps happening each month.


Ross Cowan/Emily Hackett

3 massive things happened when we worked with Matt. We doubled our prices, which made us double our value and the result was us tripling our income! We’re set to 10X our income over the next 6 months while we travel around the world. No joke, this man will change your life.


Stephanie Rosales

I never knew making $20K a month was as easy as applying what I learned through Matt. It blows my mind knowing my business is now an international seller. Time to REV UP and smash my next goal, 30k a month. With TRM I know that's possible!


Jamie Pinder

I finally hit my 10K mark and then I hit 20K. I can't thank all of you enough for your support and encouragement, because I would have never thought it was possible. So, thank you all for leveling up and forcing me to level up and just doing it. We are all so blessed and I'm so grateful for all of you and for all of this.


Daniel Jouhannet

Two months after completing the program I made $10K per month. They are amazing. They really will make your business grow. I love you guys and I love what you have been doing for my business and the way my life is today. So guys, stick with TRM, it’s the best team ever, it’s the best place to be, and it’s doable. I am going to follow you guys forever. Thanks for everything.


Smiley Elmore Jr.

I want to give a big shout-out to Mathew Park. Mathew Park has been a great friend to me, thank you so much for pushing me. I'm so glad I came on board because you are worth every penny, even 10 times that much. I went from $4,900 a month to $15000  a month in two months’ time frame. I'm so glad, Mathew that you believe in your system and you believe in us. The future is bright.


Sebastien Cossette

I actually was resistant at first, but when I got into TRM and invest in some coaching I have almost doubled my rates, increased my income 60% and managed to work 4 days a week. I am thrilled! Just listen to the man and let the magic operate.


Brittany Uchach

In 3 months I have quadruped my monthly income, been able to impact more people and made some incredible connections. The vision I have for my business now is one that I never thought was possible!


Ann Walsh

I have been a trainer for almost 25 years and the most I ever made was 4K a month (only once) working long hours. Just last month I earned 14K, more than tripling my income, working less hours. I didn’t think it was possible, but I followed Mathew’s process and my life has completely changed.



Do you struggle in not knowing where to find clients, how to sell without coming across pushy and are worried you won't pay the bills? Learn what sales tactic's serve personal trainers best to get more qualified leads and higher client retention. Any sales book can teach you general sales, we teach you what works specifically for personal trainers and online coaches so you can earn more and serve at the next level.



Have you had the same rates for years, are scared in raising your prices and are always giving discounts? Its more than just price, it starts from the inside out. Learn how to understand your worth, so that you can charge more, give impeccable value and feel awesome about it. Dial your offer, learn your value proposition and get crystal clear on your pitch.


Are feeling out of control, overwhelmed or flying by the seat of your pants? Learn how best to manage all your clients as you grow, optimal communication strategies and how to best to schedule your time and clients so that you have time freedom and don't become a slave to your work.



We are so confident you are going to love the TRM 12 week program that we are giving you a 30 days, risk-free opportunity. That’s right, you can jump into our training and if after the first 4 modules, it doesn’t exceed your expectations for any reason, simply email us and we will send you a refund.

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12 Weeks of Live Coaching with Complete Access to the TRM10K Library and Resource Centre

The premier foundation course trainers are talking about. Learn exactly how to 3X your revenue, charge your worth and systemize your business for more freedom. Get access to additional content, plus get live access to Mathew each week for 12 weeks.

1-on-1 Coaching Call with Mathew

As part of your application you'll get the opportunity to dig in deep on your business with Mathew 1-on-1. We'll review your model, show you how to upgrade your packages and improve your sales process. This coaching call alone is worth over $500.

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jaime filer instructing

1-on-1 Coaching with Jaime

As part of the TRM10K program, you will receive 1-on-1 coaching with our mentor Jaime Filer. She is an expert in sales, marketing, and social media and will help you grow your business to the next level.

Access To The TRM Community

Get access to the growing TRM community, build new relationships, learn from others who have successfully built $10K+ a month and more.

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