Whats most important? 


Sales, Marketing or Branding?


They all have an importance when building a profitable, successful fitness business.


One of the most popular questions I hear on my first calls with a fitness professional wanting to scale their business:


Do I need a website?


What type of logo or name should I have?


You don’t need either to start building and optimizing your business, at least off the start. 


Many get it backwards and invest thousands of dollars into a fancy logo, a high tech website, then I ask them how many clients they have and I get complete silence on the other end or they deflect things into justifying why it was a good decision on the money they just wasted so they feel better. 


Here is the correct sequence and I’ll explain why for each.


Sales and Marketing are pretty equal, although sales has a nudge forward.


When I say sales, I’m pertaining to: 


The offer’s you sell, how you conduct a sales conversation, your sales process, how you sell yourself, you're follow up, your confidence, understanding you're worth, your copy ‘writing’, overcoming objections, belief in yourself and your product or service, how you convert a lead, your ability to persuade authentically, sales funnels. 


If you can’t sell or have no sales process, you're dead in the water. 


I don’t care how nice your website or cool your logo looks, it means didley squat if you can’t convert a client into a paying customer and then give them an amazing client experience with the results they wanted when they hired you.


Marketing is a whole new animal, a very important beast. 


Many think of marketing as advertising, which it is not. 


I had a call with a trainer from Florida this week, when we started talking about his approach in how he attempts to get leads, he said, ‘I don’t understand, I’m advertising all the time and nobody is signing up.’


I then asked him, so who is your perfect client? 


His eyes went to the side, his hand scratched the side of his head, ummm everybody?


Okay, so what sort of pain is your ‘everybody’ client in, that you help them solve? 


Again, silence on the other end. 


Marketing is not about putting a ton of advertising out and hoping something sticks, if you go that route, you're going to be rudely awaken. 


Marketing is understanding who you serve, what type of pain they are in, challenges they are going through and why they came to you in the first place.  Then having a thorough understanding of what their desires are and what they want to achieve?


The beauty in this is that clarity allows a coach to nail down more specific language in their content, emails, video’s, sales letters and articles so that the ideal client upon reading or consuming, will say, that’s me, he gets me, I need to reach out to him / her. 


A potential lead has taken action. 


Marketing pertains to:


Understanding your perfect client, the pains they are in, the desires they want, your unique hero story, your golden 50, how to leverage social media and attract your perfect client, your message to market, copywriting, your landing pages, your juicy carrot, advertising and direct response marketing.   


Marketing is very strategic and needs to be done in the right steps to fully maximize it. 


Branding comes in third.


Branding is like the nice siding that goes on the already well built house. 


You don’t need it to live in the home, although with it, it brings forth a much more pleasant display, better feel and higher value. 


Once you got your sales rocking and your marketing clear and concise, then we move to the branding. 


Whether you use your own name as a logo, which many of our TRM coaches do or you have a bigger vision of having coaches work under your umbrella brand and want a separate entity as a logo, either work great.


Your brand will have a feel to it. 


When we built the TRM ‘Trainer Revenue Multiplier’ logo and brand, I wanted a feeling of performance hence the slight slant to the right of the letters, like a race type feel, but with the feeling of prestige and a sense of wealth and abundance, hence the gold and shine colours.  


We have a slogan, which is ‘I Am Limitless’


And a statement that represents our core values:


‘Heart Centered Excellence’


The slogan and core values all came after, not before.  


The core focus was on adding value, the sales process and understanding our perfect client, then the rest unfolded. 


So where do you go from here?


Start with:


  1. How clear are you on your offers?
  2. Do you have a solid offer?
  3. Can you present your offers, by memory?
  4. Are you active with sales calls?
  5. Do you know how to conduct a proper sales conversation and convert that prospect into a paying customer?
  6. Are you able to overcome objections when you get them?
  7. Do you have an idea of your perfect client?
  8. Do you know what pain they are in and what they desire?
  9. Are you adding value in your social platforms that help solve problems for your perfect client?
  10. Are you offering a ‘juicy carrot’? 


A juicy carrot is something you offer for free if a prospect wants to learn more and connect with you. 


To give you an example.  


Each week I write a blog post for you based on a topic that I’m hearing from our clients in TRM.  I then bring light to it, give clarity, help solve it and provide a call to action.  This in turn starts to build trust over time to those you serve and results in more and more people reaching back to you.


You start to position yourself as the trusted authority in your designated niche. 


Building a profitable, success fitness business is like a building a house.


It starts with the foundation, the outside walls, the electricity, the roof and outdoor siding for the finishing touches. 


You can buy the siding, but if your walls aren’t built yet, it's a waste of money.


I sincerely hope this has awaken some perspective for you on sales, marketing and branding. 


Have an awesome day! 

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    An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a colleague who had been doing a little research on this. And he in fact bought me dinner because I found it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending some time to discuss this issue here on your site.

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