If you were in the elevator with me for 30 seconds and I asked you what you do for a living, how would you respond?


Most would say something like, I’m a personal trainer, got my NASM certification, been training clients for 5 years and work out of Hidden Gym in Plano, Texas.


Sounds okay right? 


What if you said something like this: 


I help busy women put themselves first, so they can feel powerful and beautiful, while stepping into the body they truly love, without hours of cardio. 


The first one is a statement, which doesn’t really open the door for curiosity, while the second is more direct on ‘who’ you serve and ‘what’ you do for them. 


Here is another example: 


‘I’m a coach, got my kinesiology degree, been training for 20 years, I prepare training and meal plans for all types of people and do contest prep too.


Pretty plain, right?


How about we add some juice to it:


I help bodybuilders and physique competitors, who feel stuck and overwhelmed, break through their genetic barriers, with step by step customized strategies to become champions, without drastic carbohydrate depletion.    


Many confuse their message with the experience they have, how many years they have been training, the degrees and certifications.


Your message is broken down like this:


I help ( Who ), ( What ), ( What ) and ( What ), Without ( ________ ).


This is a marketing concept from Aaron Parkinson a marketing ninja and owner of 7 Mile Media, we work in Trainer Revenue Multiplier and specifically applied to fitness professionals and personal trainers, so they can be unique and stand out in the marketplace. 


Below is an actual example:  


I help busy moms, shed the baby weight, boost up energy and feel young again, without spending hours at the gym. 


Identify first who you serve, are you focusing on busy moms, midlife women, professional women or men, real estate agents, bodybuilders, figure or bikini competitors, athletes, golfers, young athletes, chronic pain patients, prenatal or postnatal women, corporate men, seniors, rehab patients, the list goes on. 


Once you identify ‘who’, then ask yourself what are the ‘three’ ways you help them.


In the case of the ‘busy mom’ example above, it was to: shed the baby weight, boost up energy and feel young again.


Then identify ‘without’, which is the angle that hits a pain point you help solve and separates you from the pack. 


The ‘busy mom’ was ‘without spending hours in the gym’ because a busy mom has limited time and it's one of the biggest objections they have. 


Once you have this clean message, you can now start positioning it in all your marketing endeavours, your video’s, landing page, text, content, website and presentations.  


I want to remind you that you're not Apple, Nike or Microsoft, you're a service provider, which renders a different approach to your message than how the big boys do it.


Even if you're all online and offer ebooks, courses or products, you need to separate yourself from the masses, this messaging approach does just that, don’t be just another trainer or coach out there, but UNIQUE and understand you're WHO, WHAT and WITHOUT.



Be awesome today! 

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