Where to find more of your perfect clients?


When one goes through TRM10K, one area we hit on after you have identified WHO your perfect client is and what pain they are in, is then looking at WHERE can you find more of them by breaking down your Golden 50?


Truth be told, you don’t need to fully complete your Golden 50, just three of the right ones can be a golden find, if you continue to nurture and add value.


I’m going to break it down for you so you have tangible next steps to apply that will generate results in your personal training business.


Let’s say your perfect client is Rachel, she is 35, has 2 kids, works a corporate job in the office 3 days a week, earning $45,000 a year, her husband works full time earning $144,000 a year, she is juggling work, kids and trying to have a somewhat normal life, but it's a challenge for her, with so many demands put on her shoulders daily.


She is struggling to get rid of her excess 30lbs of pregnancy weight that she gained, has tried the diets, the cardio, nothing seems to be working and is losing her confidence and belief if it's even possible.  On top of that she thinks eating less will help her lose weight, but its not working and she barely has any time for herself.


Golden 50 ideas below:


She listens to 3 podcasts (Mom does it all, The healthy balanced mama, The unfiltered mom), two of them are potentials where you could be a guest, the other you could explore sponsoring.


She is a part of a facebook group called ‘Mom’s helping mom’s’, which is a group based out of Maryland which is her hometown.


She takes her kids to ‘Kids Town’ a daycare in town that has multiple locations in the city, a great opportunity to connect with other local moms and provide the daycare with take - home care packages for the other moms.


She reads a blog on most weeks called ‘24/7 mom’s’ and binge watches the youtube channel’s ‘The Minimal Mom’ and ‘Clutter Bug’, could be a potential place to be interviewed on or provide your content that directly impacts their mom audience.


She follows the following IG mom influencers, @mylifewellloved, @mrsemilynorris and @theoverwhelmedmommy.


@theoverwhelmedmommy owns a trendy company called ‘Avasue’ that Rachel likes, which are trendy fashion clothes for moms, this could be a great collab where you could promote both ways and leverage the Avasue customers.


Rachel also goes to a local boutique in town that does make-up and hair, it's quite popular, they have a database of 2,000 clients, with 68% of them being mom’s.


You could sit down with the owner, discuss a collaboration, start adding value to her list of customers, what a big pool of potential leads for your business.


We just identified 12 potential Golden 50 areas, there will be more if I sat down for a solid hour or two and dug in deeper, but that was just doing my own research based on Rachel and where she spends her time.  Keep in mind, each of these will require a plan of action.


Instead of just blindly looking for the easy way out and saying, I need to do FB ads, invest a good hour or two into your Golden 50.


Step One - Build out your Golden 50, start with your first 5


Ideas - podcasts, radio, blogs, magazines (print / online), local connections (gyms, health stores, beauty salons, chiropractor clinics), influencers, supplement companies, FB groups, websites, events, companies / brands.


Step Two - Which out of the 5 will you reach out to today?


Step Three - What activation plan will you take with each, if you move forward?


As you build your list, some of your Golden 50 will be dream connections, let's say it's to be interviewed by Oprah and in her magazine.  Write down all, whether it's present or in the future, so that you establish your intention as you build authority in the marketplace.


You could be providing content, writing blogs, doing video’s, connecting, building relationships (which is the long game), sponsoring, sending clients both ways.


The Golden 50 is a strategy, once it's built, it can be one of the most profitable things you ever do in your business.


Here is my action step for you, carve out some time today, even 15 minutes to sit down and go through five of your Golden 50, it will give you so much peace of mind and clarity, because now you're proceeding with precise action that will lead to more perfect clients, congregating in the right places.


Keep in mind some of these won’t happen right away, they will need constant reach out and follow up, some will come right away, some may take months or years to happen, those are your dream ones.


Hope this served you today!

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