Who’s on your bus?


Your personal and professional circle can be broken down into a few categories.  Taking inventory every so often of where your energy is being shared is critical to growth.


Let’s say you got an old friend, who zaps your energy every time you are around them, you decide you want to be a good friend and spend time with them every 2 weeks, but in doing so, your dreading seeing them, which consumes energy AND your drained for a day after, which takes additional energy.  Is it really worth it?


You got a client that is overly demanding, sending you 5 to 10 questions a day, always asking for a discount, complaining about the nutrition plan you gave them, they never seem to be happy.  Is it really worth it?


You got someone on your team, they do okay work, but undermine others on your team, they aren’t a team player, they demonstrate selfish focused actions, your stomach turns whenever you got to deal with them.  Is it really worth it?


We often look for the latest performance hack or time management tool to help drive optimization and productivity, yet the most obvious decision is right in front of us, yet we decide to hold off, we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, yet YOU'RE the one being effected and those important around you. 


So who’s on your bus?


Today’s writing is helping me just as much as it's helping you, as it's giving me a chance to reflect on who’s on my bus.  I’ve done this exercise multiple times before, although I need to do it again for a refresher, so we both benefit. 


Here is how you break it down below: 


Mentors and Coaches - You don’t need 10 mentor’s to be UBER successful.  There will always be ONE mentor that continues to make a significant difference in your life, in some cases you will have TWO, even THREE.   I’ve found that if you have too many cooks in the kitchen it gets confusing, so I choose who I work with personally very selectively and would recommend the same to you.  Don’t confuse this with learning from many mentors and coaches though. 


You’ll have ONE or TWO mentors who you meet with regularly, they are like your coach or advisor, who you have trust in to help lead you personally and professionally.  They could be a business coach, therapist or life coach. 


You’ll also have many mentors you’ll learn from in reading books, going to seminars, listening to podcasts or taking courses. 


You’ll break this down into two categories:  Direct Mentor’s AND Growth Mentor’s


Direct Mentor’s are the ones you personally work with on a one to one basis and Growth Mentor’s are the books, podcasts, seminars and courses you take to further your knowledge, skills and expertise.  


Both are CRITICAL for ongoing success! 


Family - Family is first for me, years ago it wasn’t, now that I have two wonderful children with my beautiful wife, all three are my pride and joy.  The next part may make a few reader’s stomachs turn, choose who you invest your time with for the rest of your family wisely, whether it's immediate or not.  Let’s say you got an uncle that drives you bonker’s, or a sibling you always seem to clash with, you can still love your family unconditionally, but don’t have to be best friends, maybe you choose to see that uncle once a year or talk to that sibling once a month.  


Friends - Friends come, friends go, some stay, new ones come in.  It still stands true that you are the product of the 5 people you spend the most time with.  I’m a BIG believer in investing in a select few friendships, whole heartedly.  The first question I ask myself, how do I feel around this person?  Every friendship will serve a different purpose, some may be colleagues, some are great to have dinner and talk with, some to discuss challenges your going through over a coffee, some may challenge you in other positive ways, some as workout buddies, the list goes on.   Your friends are VERY important, although I’d sooner have a few who are like family, than many who are wishy washy and it's more like work having them around. 


Team - Many of our Trainer Revenue Multiplier member’s have teams of coaches or a team around them that help grow the business.  Your team will make or break your business, one virus can contaminate the whole business and negatively impact not only the culture, but the bottom line.  Get the right people on your team and you will fly higher than you could ever imagine. 


Clients - This one always seems to be ‘no big deal’ although it’s one of the biggest hindrances to growth.   Let’s say you have 40 online clients and 2 clients drive you up the wall, they message you the most, they are late on payments, they never seem to be satisfied with the program you give them, although they still keep coming back.  You may earn a few hundred or more dollars a month from them, but all the time your investing into these 2 clients is taking away from the 38 that truly value you, your service and your time.  Get rid of the dead weight, some other coach will find joy in serving them, not you. 


Your next step is to evaluate all 5 areas above, write down WHO are the best fit under each and WHO you may need to let go or spend less time with, then take ACTION.


Today’s share will take a huge load off your shoulders, you’ll feel lighter, have more energy and feel more confident, as you’ll be clear on who’s on your bus towards the promise land. 


Let's Roll!

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