Your people are investments

By matparkmuscle4d0e | March 5, 2021

Just recently was having a call with a new client who runs a personal training business and I heard the term ‘expense’ with the admin help they had in place.


Funny, I used to think the same thing years back.


Your people are one of the smartest investments.


They give you, your time back, they allow you to do the ‘high leverage’.


$20/hr activities could be draining you dry, even though it takes 5 minutes.


Off board and quit calling this an expense, its NOT!


Imagine getting back 3 to 5 hours of your week back to focus on high leverage, what would you do?


An expense is buying clothes you don’t need, a car you don’t need, items with no ROI.


Here’s a BIG mistake when hiring people, heck I did it years ago too, hiring someone, then leaving them on an open playing field, without guidance, expectations and proper management.


Just because you hire someone doesn’t mean you just leave them be now and sign a paycheck, you will waste dollars, you build processes, specific tasks, outcomes and then review and coach them as they grow with you.


If your looking to hire your first VA or admin support, start small, 3 to 5 hours a week, do weekly review, check in emails, as you train them up. There is ALWAYS more work in the beginning, this gets easier.


If your a personal trainer who is doing EVERYTHING, finding yourself burning out, feeling stressed and running around like a hamster, let’s fix that for you, apply for TRM10K today.


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